•  Aircap Inc. is a gamification company
     which develops and services the mobile games as a marketing platform.



AIRCAP sees the fate of Sisyphus 
– A man who deceived Gods and received eternal punishment of rolling a block of stone on the steep hill 
but it falls down to the bottom of the hill once reaching the top in Greek mythology – 
and ours the same.

Our life is similar to that of Sisyphus as we continuously try to reach the summit‌

(or to live a better life), 
but the stone is rolls down to its original position 
and leaves us with the new assignment.

Though Alvert Camus claimed that Sisyphus could have been happier

by knowing that his attempts are meaningless,
the AIRCAP staffs believe acknowledging the meaninglessness isn’t enough.
What if we wrap the air caps around the stone

even if repeating the same journey and the same labor?
How about adding a bit of fun –
popping the air caps–
in rolling the stone?

It will surely be a great relief and a great joy.

 AIRCAP wishes to make games like air caps
which can be a delight in the endless process of life.

Our strategy is to design the world
where the users can enjoy in the game
by using the attractive goods, services, and experience in reality.

The vision and strategy of AIRCAP Inc. is to assist the users to fulfill their fantasy and enjoy truly by including charming goods of real life in the game.



‌Gamification is an advanced communication technique which applies the game mechanism to non-game areas and induces the users’ active participation and practice for the intended purpose of the relevant business. AIRCAP Inc. emphasizes the use of gamification techniques as the new marketing solutions to the enterprises of non-game area for the substantive merits of their goods and services. Gamification platform is one-step higher than the existing mobile advertisement platform or mobile business service like O2O.


‌AIRCAP's firtst project

Global PR


"GIRL GLOBE" serves 160 countries around the world as the new gamification platform.
This fantastic marketing platform will expand your business globally and raise brand awareness and sales volume significantly.

Most effective promotion channel

for beloved fashion brand

Many fashion brands and manufacturing companies requested for creation of the promotional games. However, they had to give up on their plans as unlike general applications, mobile games require development cost.
AIRCAP Inc. develops dress-up games for fashion brand and provides our gamification platform all for free. We develop fantastic games with high quality contents and beautiful graphics for the beloved high-end brands.
As the new gamification platform, "GIRL GLOBE" provides differentiated service and brand-experience for the game users. It will significantly contribute to your sales increase by directly connecting the customers to your company.



“GIRL GLOBE” can propose new BM to the beloved global fashion companies.
If you want to know more in details about AIRCAP Inc. and “GIRL GLOBE", please contact us for meeting arrangement.

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